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Project Management

The Hygienix team is present to assist each of its clients throughout the life of each project, taking a “cradle to grave” approach. With this, we will work with you to develop the goal of the project and acknowledge our involvement to establish a scope of work and time-based action items. It is important to plan and understand the current supply-chain and lead/lag time for goods and subcontracted services. Hygienix will establish a realized project plan to layout the milestones as well as the critical pathways to meet expectations.


The implementation of the approved plan will allow a clear pathway to move forward. For shorter projects, this may be as simple as agreeing on a work order with minimal tasks. For larger projects, this may entail a Gantt Chart showing a timetable with multiple work tasks and phases. Stress is added to most projects when deadlines will not be met or a change in the assumed scope of work is presented. At Hygienix, we will confront conflict directly and inform you as our client(s) of any miscues to allow the train to be put back on track as effective as possible. Our client is one of our biggest assets on our team to complete any projects.

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Architects at Work

Status update can be given as necessary throughout the projects timeline and size as agreed upon by each client’s needs.


Having a budget and implementing it throughout the life of a project allows proper accountability to the project team. Throughout the life of the project this will be reviewed as necessary within each project.


Successful completion of a project ends with review of the initial scope, any modifications implemented throughout the project (scope changes), and corrective actions implemented and design work integrated successfully.


Hygienix can’t wait to be your next teaming partner!

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