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Jobsites and workplaces offer continued opportunity for staff to perform work and accomplish production for clients. With this comes inherent safety risks during these opportunities. If managed properly and with anticipated risks identified and controlled per task, your employees can safely return home and the job can be performed productively.

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Site Safety and Health Plans

Hygienix will work with project managers to develop a site-specific health and safety plan paralleled with your project plan to identify risks and corrective actions to be implemented throughout your scope of work and effectively reduce your safety risks.

Hygienix team of environmental, industrial hygiene, and safety staff will support your project with onsite support during planning and construction to ensure OSHA compliance and your companies most valuable interests are protected.

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On-site Safety Services

Hygienix can provide specialized training to ensure your project is completed with success for your general contractor, government, and clients. We will work together to ensure that your employees are trained to perform the work tasks effectively and without injury or illness.

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